Tuesday, 6 February 2018

App Store Optimization Tips to Increase App Downloads in 2018

App Store Optimisation

5,000,000 and counting… It’s the number of total apps available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with millions of apps overwhelming every category and subcategory. The number may be the most crucial reason why your online shopping app is not ranting higher on the app listing platform. App Store Optimization (or ASO), is an easier way to ensure that your Magento mobile app meets App Store ranking criteria and rises above the competition. But, how to use the ASO techniques for better discoverability in the App Store?
Just like the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for the websites, the App Store Optimization can help improve your app store ranking, visibility and appearance. The tactics in this round-up will help you:
  •        Get more visibility for your app.
  •        Get more installs.

So, let’s talk about the best ASO techniques to improve app performance:
  • Keep Keywords within 100 Characters

Both iOS App Store and Google Play Store allows you to add keywords to your app listings. The keywords are used in the similar ways as used for Search Engine Ranking. The search algorithm uses these keywords to show your app in the results and hence prove to be very crucial. It is important that you select the appropriate keywords which describe your app.
It is suggested to limit the characters of keywords up to 100. Using long tail keywords should be avoided to ensure better ranking. Avoid using plurals, name of your app, or misspellings in the keyword field. Don’t use space to separate keywords, use commas instead.
  •          Don’t Use Generic Terms & Names for App

Many people may use terms like “image editor”, “online shopping apps” etc. when looking for apps online. And millions of apps are already available with these names. Hence, it is suggested not to use these generic terms in the title as it will confuse the users and cause them to ignore your app. Use a unique name for your app as using the similar apps may leave your users confused.
  •      Make App Title Descriptive within 50 Characters

App title is another important thing when classifying the app store rankings. Unless you’re a major brand like Amazon, Walmart, etc. your app won’t have any recognition among the users. Hence, it is suggested to use keywords to describe the core functionality of your App. This gives your target users a better insight into what your app is about resulting in better downloading rate.
Title must me descriptive with the character length limited to under 50 characters.
  •      Avoid Using Big Brands’ Names in Keywords

You may want to target the users of Amazon, Walmart, but are you sure that the person who searched for Amazon will download your app? Apart from making it difficult for users to trust on your brand or the Magento mobile app, it also leads to the breach of App Store Guidelines. The leading App Stores suggest not using celebrities, protected names, or trademarks as keywords unless you have the permission to do so.
It may lead to rejection of publishing. Avoid using them unless you can show that your App is an official app of the brand.
  •      Choose Categories That Describe Core Function of App

Not only the App Search algorithm looks for the keywords used in title and descriptions, but also for the categories while displaying results to the users. It is suggested to focus on the core functionalities of your app when selecting the categories. Do not focus on the secondary functions.
For example, Facebook is categorized as Social Networking, while Instagram is categorized in Photos and Video. Although both of them have a significant overlap in functionalities, and users consider Instagram to be a social network now.
  •      Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips can be of great help to improve app store ranking, but App Store Optimization is a never-ending process and hence latest methods and techniques must be implemented to ensure the improved ranking of the online shopping apps. Keep looking for the best ASO practices and use the best ones for improved performance and revenue.

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