Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Benefits of One-Page Checkout Functionality

Have you ever gotten mad and left a website just because of the complex and multi-step checkout process? Have you ever wondered about what would help in order to resolve the problem and make available a better, convenient and faster shopping experience when you become an online shop owner? One-page checkout M2 extension is the right solution you’ve got to make things better and easier for the shoppers.

Use this extension on your E-Commerce store and you can start to realize the significance of optimizing the overall checkout process for your buyers. With a customized checkout process that needs only a limited amount of information; buyers are likely to continue buying through your store.

There’s no kidding that one step checkout process can increase sales by 60%. This extension will replace the default multi-step checkout process at your website with a faster & better process that helps complete the entire process 40% faster. As a result, the shoppers don’t need to wait and you will be happy with the increased conversion rates.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of a “one page checkout” can bring to you:
  •       Fewer Clicks:

This extension turns the whole multi-step checkout process into a single page with all the information available at the same place. With this extension installed at your Magento2 platform, shoppers can provide all the details right from the same page that includes billing details, delivery details, payment methods, etc. By using a one page checkout, you reduce the number of steps required to complete the transaction.
  •       Lesser Pages:

As discussed earlier, this extension reduces the overall checkout process to one with all the information available conveniently at the single place. Having a one-step checkout process reduces the stress and pages down instead of the default process. The multi-step checkout results in frustrated shoppers hence, resulting in cart abandonment.

The standard magento2 checkout process has two steps the user must complete in order to complete the transaction! With One Step Checkout Extension for Magento2, users can complete the entire checkout process at once.
  •       Faster Checkout:
According to the experts, the average time to complete a multi-step checkout is 1 minute and 40 seconds. On the other hand, one-step checkout brings down the time to only 53 seconds to complete the purchase. This is the reason behind the whopping increase in demand of one-page checkout functionality.  One-step checkout lets the buyer fill out fields in one page rather than having to continuously click “Continue” button to complete the order processing.

Having a one page process narrows down the entire process to one page instead of multiple. When you have multiple pages (or steps) for customers to complete, you are increasing the likelihood of them getting frustrated and abandoning their carts.
  •       Which One Would You Choose?

Now that you’ve figured out the top benefits of using Magento2 one-page checkout extension, it’s time to decide which one you’d want to use on your Magento2 store. The choice of selection depends on the type of products you are selling and what segmentation of customers you are targeting.

If you are into the manufacturing industry and have shoppers who place orders in bulk for commercial use, then using the multi-step checkout would be a more appropriate option, but if you are dealing with consumer goods then one-step checkout is for sure the best option. Moreover, one-page checkout functionality should be considered when your target audience is mobile shoppers or the shoppers who never want to waste time on the traditional checkout process.

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Benefits of One-Page Checkout Functionality

Have you ever gotten mad and left a website just because of the complex and multi-step checkout process? Have you ever wondered about what...